Lucy Mann

Piano Teacher Letchworth

What age do you teach?

Playing the piano requires basic literacy and numeracy skills. If a child is not yet reading and struggles with basic sums then I will likely spend much of the time teaching them these skills rather than how to play the piano. For this reason I recommend 5 years old as a mininum age. Nobody is too old to learn.

Do I need a piano?

Something to practice on (ideally an acoustic or electronic piano) is essential for progress. You can learn with a keyboard but you will soon be keen to have a proper instrument. If you want to try a few lessons to see how you get on before committing to such a purchase this is perfectly fine by me.

How long are lessons?

I generally teach 30 minute lessons on a weekly basis. Some choose to have longer or more frequent lessons and this can be beneficial, however the best way to aid progress is by practicing diligently at home between lessons.

Are lessons only during term time?

I continue to teach throughout the year unless I'm away. Many parents choose to continue their child's lessons throughout the school holidays but this is not a requirement. 

Do I pay for lessons up front?

I have tried many different approaches to payment/missed lessons etc. I hope that my current policy is fair on both myself and you. I usually take payment via cash or bank transfer per lesson, however I do require 24 hours notice for any cancellation. If this is not given then the missed lesson will need to be paid for. In case of illness I will try to rearrange the lesson for another day in the week.

How much do I need to practice?

This varies considerably depending on the age/personality of the learner. My broad recommendation is 10-20 minutes every day for beginners and 30-60 minutes per day for more advanced players. Short bursts daily are preferable to long intense weekly sessions. Young children may find it difficult to practice at first but if they can be encouraged to try then this will set them up well!

Do you do exams?

Yes, I enter my pupils for exams using the ABRSM exam board. If you do not wish to take exams this is perfectly fine but for children it is highly recommended.

What is your availability?

I have a fairly flexible schedule but please contact me for current availaibility

How much do you charge?

Please contact me for current pricing

Do you come to me or do I come to you?

I teach from home, parents are welcome to sit in on the lesson. Alternatively you can learn with me online in the comfort of your own home.