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What to expect from me:

From very early on I endeavour to develop a number of skills for students, such as:


Sight-reading - very early on I introduce the skills needed to play written music by sight. This is an invaluable skill in the life of a musician and is required to pass exams with the ABRSM.

Exam passing expertise - Many students dread exams, but that need not be the case. Exams provide the motivation to learn pieces to a high standard and are key to progression. (actually taking exams is optional but for children especially it is strongly recommended)

Scales - whether you intend to take exams or not, scales are vital for learning keyboard navigation and for strengthening fingers, sorry kids! :-)

Music theory - Music theory is a vast and fascinating subject but can be taught in bite-size pieces for students weekly. Understanding why and how music has been developed over time is very useful in understanding how it should be played.

Composition - I have been writing my own music since I was a teenager and it is one of the things I enjoy most about music. This is an optional area of tuition but one that I would recommend especially if students intend to study music at GCSE level or above.

Improvisation - Although reading from music is a key skill, often popular music can be played using just the chord progression. This means that students can play their favourite tunes without being tied to a score. This makes learning popular tracks quicker and easier. Again this is optional.